Health Sciences Campus
General Information

  • Parking Permits are required to park on the Health Sciences Campus
  • Enforcement hours are Monday - Friday from 7AM to 5PM
  • Departmental Permits are valid with an HSC Permit
  • State Vehicles may park in any standard space
  • Ramsey Passes are not valid on the Health Sciences Campus
  • All HSC residents are required to have a parking permit to park at the HSC.
  • The HSC Parking Services office is located in Quarters B

Student Workers

Student workers may park in the Pound Hall lot with a standard permit and a "SW" validation sticker.

To obtain a "SW" validation sticker please fill out the HSC Student Worker Form, have it signed by both your supervisor and program director, and bring it to the parking office.


Health Sciences Campus Vendor/Contractor permits are available for $240 a year.

Health Sciences Campus and Main Campus Vendor/Contractor permits are available for $60 per month.


A Visitor parking lot is available off Oglethorpe Ave at an hourly rate of $1.00.

Housing Visitor pay boxes are located near the housing area for a daily rate of $5.00.

Temporary permits may be purchased by departments at a daily rate of $4.00 per pass and are valid in any HSC parking area.

Campus Transit

UGA Campus Transit has bus service to and from the Health Sciences Campus every 20 minutes. Click on the following link to view the Health Sciences Campus bus schedules.