Parking Improvements


SuperPass allows for “hands free” entry and exit gate access, so customers do not have to roll down their windows to gain access to their parking area. SuperPass also is the “Green” alternative as it speeds entry and exit, reducing vehicle idle time and the amount of carbon produced.

State-of-the-art lighting

Over the last few years, Parking Services has installed state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting in many of our campus parking decks. This lighting, commercially known as LimeLight is leading the parking industry in the development of green, smart technologies through wireless lighting control capabilities. The best-in-class LimeLight fluorescent luminaire coupled with the LimeLight wireless communications network has provided the following benefits:

  • Safety has been enhanced by turning a static, predictable garage into a dynamic environment for the parking patron.
  • In some areas, twice the light output at half the energy consumption. Expected savings is $157K to $175K per year.
  • Reduction of night time light pollution


Parking Services has installed State-of-the-art security cameras in parking decks. These cameras greatly enhance safety, improve access and traffic flow, and help mitigate parking issues.